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Soul Kids


At Soul Kids, we believe in a culture of smart learning through fun and interactive up to date learning techniques. Our primary aim is to provide an environment that is safe, clean, inspirational and cultivating. In this way, your precious angel can definitely build strong roots to weather most storms that Life will throw at them.

We the Teachers, Staff and Directors of Soul Kids Nursery will strive to make learning fun, exciting and enjoyable without compromising on service, quality and safety.

School Hours

We at Soul Kids understand that whilst our main priority is to ensure your child gets a quality education and is well taken care of at the school, we also recognize the need to cater for parents with busy work schedules.

For your convenience, we open early at 06H30 and close at 17H30.

Furthermore, we remain open throughout the year and only close between Christmas Eve and New Year’s. School re-opens on the 1st working day of the New Year. This is to cater for those Parents who cannot get leave.


What Our Families are Saying

“My experience with Soul Kids school has been nothing short of amazing! My child is comfortable and loves it there. The teachers are warm and caring, and my little one thrives from the attention offered in smaller classes.

The premises are neat and clean & the staff is always eager to assist.

Well done and keep up the great work👌👌

I’m grateful to be part of the Soul Kids Family”

“My son absolutely loves the school. He is learning so much and I am so proud of the progress he has made. He wakes up everyday so excited to go to school. Thank you Soul Kids Team for taking such good care of my boy !!”

My daughter completely loves this pre-school. She is a shy child but on day two of the trial week I was starting to see a different side of her. She gets excited to go to school and the trial made a huge difference in helping us make the decision to be part of the school permanently. We love it keep up the good work🌺”

My daughters love this pre-school. They are learning so much and am proud of their progress…Thank you Teachers😊
Keep up the good work🌸

Amazing staff members, loving and always welcoming!! My daughter has made tremendous progress in a short space of time, she’s happier, excited and always looking forward to her next day at this day care, keep up the good work

As a mother I am happy and proud of my daughter’s progress at Soul Kids pre-School. She is learning so much and I also see that is it very good for her social development because she is starting to come out more now.

I would like to extend my gratitude to the friendly and dedicated staff, teachers and Head Master of the school.

I do believe there is always space for growth and improvement, I understand it’s a new school and I’m happy my daughter will grow with it.
I see growth everyday and I’m glad to see this all unfold. Thank you Soul Kids pre-School!